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This was the first time I’ve tried chiropractic care, and my doctor recommended it. After the first visit I had more range of motion than I’d had in so many years! I couldn’t believe the improvement. Thanks!

Recently I brought my 12-year-old daughter to see Dr. Patten. She’d injured her toe/foot badly a year ago, and had subsequently re-injured it numerous times. Her doctor said there wasn’t anything they could do. Dr. Patten examined her and immediately gave her enough relief to be able to move the joint and participate in track.

Lisa H.

Short Story:  A young innovative, energetic, enthusiastic Chiropractor, Dr. Eric Patten, rescued me from Spinal Decompression Surgery of the upper neck and lower spine. The medical field suggested this was the only way to alleviate the severe headaches, neck pain, lower back pain and lethargy I was experiencing.  Dr. Patten had a better idea.  I no longer have headaches, and the neck and back are responding well with each visit.

Long Story:  I am a veteran of VietNam and Desert Storm.  I don’t do well with the idea of rest, relaxation, and body maintenance.  I am a seeker of rescue solutions when I am in pain of which I have a very high threshold. I don’t do well with maintenance solutions.  A prominent VA suggested spinal decompression surgery for the headaches I was experiencing and an Ochsner clinic employee suggested, “there are doctors that can help you with this problem without surgery.” I went there for a second opinion to the VA.  She couldn’t/wouldn’t say the word “Chiropractor” but I knew.  I sought out Dr. Patten for the rescue solution and he immediately jumped to xrays, doctor-patient consultation, and appointment schedule, all the time explaining and pointing out my condition in terms I could understand and comprehend.  He wasted little time getting rid of my headaches.  I am a very hard to deal with patient and he hung in there bypassing my personality defects and concentrating only on my condition.  I am getting better every day and even though this is going to be a long process, I am looking forward to it.
Not only the profession of Chiropractic should be recognized here but the person behind the Doctor title also.  Dr. Patten is full of life, listens to my whining, takes my ego with a grain of salt, brushes off my sarcasm and deals with me straight up.  He has an intense passion with the human body and can address most of the issues I have discussed with him.  He is knowledgable in his field and with my demeanor he must have had a lot of psychology as well.  He does not come across as a “Know It All” but in my opinion he knows it all and makes suggestions in which I make the final decision. I have a deep trust in his guidance and suggestions and this is what a doctor/patient relationship is all about.
If this is indicative of Chiropractic then all of us should waste little time in telling the world of another option to the Medical Establishment.  We cannot do without the Medical Establishment and the prescription writing but we can synergistically get along to keep ourselves healthy.  My name is William Byrd at williambyrd@mail.com for anyone that cares to comment.

Testimonial for Dr. Eric Patten / the absolute Best Chiropractor on the Coast !!


I have the highest regard for Dr. Eric Patten, he’s so dilliget in his patient’s care…he will even make house call and this is un-heard of today.  He’s made my physical life much easier to enjoy because I receive tremendous relief after every adjustment instantly.  I am a very active person and have so many interests….and he enables me to be able to enjoy them…He’s the best on the Coast…and anywhere…..he does awesome neck ajustments and my downfall is my neck,shoulders and lower back..he keeps me so I can walk and enjoy traveling and any other interest I might have..

He is so patient and pleasant whenever I visit his office and his staff are pleasant as well.  I have been to many doctors before and you’ve found the best when you’ve made a call to Dr.Patten.



Bess W.

Three Cheers for Chiropractic


I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Patten actually through another mutual Chiropractic acquaintance. I started regular adjustments, and my life changed. An avid equestrian of going-on 18 years, I have low-back and hip issues that can sometimes make it hard to enjoy what I love best – horses. Dr. Patten studiously and patiently started toes-to-nose adjustments (one of his specialties – ask about it!) where everything from my skull to my feet was put in it’s place. A full-body fix!

Dr. Patten and I share a mutual love for drug-free human health. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, and was lucky enough to have Dr. Patten as a mentor during my schooling. Dr. Patten selflessly logged many hours helping me study the muscular system with me and making sure I understood the nuts-and-bolts of the other body systems – which aided my work as an LMT in unparalleled ways. Dr. Patten taking the time to explain Chiropractic and all of the complexities of the human body has given me a deeper look into my profession, and therefore has benefited my own clients.  Dr. Patten taught me that the only *alternative* healthcare was drugs and surgery!

Unfortunately I am no longer in the area but I have yet to find a Doctor to match the success gained with my treatments from Dr. Patten.

Stephanie W. LMT

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