World record Chiropractic Patient!

Quick mini-blog post about the olympics.   The picture you are seeing in this post is a photo of  Usain Bolt, the man who just TODAY broke the Olympic world record in the 100m.  Notice that he is getting adjusted! The power of an adjustment used by an Olympian when one HUNDREDTH of a second is … Continue reading

Whiplash and Muscle Weakness

Whiplash, as previously discussed, occurs quicker than the speed at which we can voluntarily contract our muscles in attempt to guard ourselves against injury. Hence, it is nearly impossible to properly brace in anticipation of an impending collision. When muscles, ligament, and joint capsules … Continue reading

Musicians and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There are many jobs that place people at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), but I bet you wouldn’t have thought of musicians. First and most important, I don’t want to scare anyone from playing a musical instrument as many of us find music to be a very important “release mechanism” or, … Continue reading