Stop putting Butter in your Folgers!

Facebook posts.  Every time.  It’s interesting when something gets positive press how people try to get results without the

Stop the madness!

Stop the madness!

research.  Yes, certain types of butter in certain types of coffee with a specific type of healthy oil has great potential benefits!  Yes, the ‘butter coffee’ (unfortunate Facebook description) works.  I know this first-hand.   It’s good for weight loss when coupled with proper diet (aka bulletproof diet).  It can also help with brain health.  I can’t give you peer-reviewed research numbers, but my scores have gone up.

What do we do about this?  On Saturday, October 11th I will be at the clinic making coffee.  Yes, bulletproof coffee.  Not butter coffee.  No Folgers here  (Dear Folgers – please don’t be mad at me, it’s just an example).   I have purchased everything to make the coffee, no cost to you.  This will be purely educational.  Nothing to buy because I don’t sell the stuff, but will give you the website to buy it (I am not affiliated with the company in any way).

10:00 in the morning.  October 11th.  Patten Chiropractic in Gulfport, MS.  (228) 863-7215.  We’re going to take a bold step to rid the world of the ‘butter coffee’ epidemic.