Stop putting Butter in your Folgers!

Facebook posts.  Every time.  It's interesting when something gets positive press how people try to get results without the research.  Yes, certain types of butter in certain types of coffee with a specific type of healthy oil has great potential benefits!  Yes, the 'butter coffee' … Continue reading

Advice for the New Year from Dr. Patten

Here we are again, in the season on the almighty 'resolution' to change our lives.   I won't go into statistics to show you that most don't work, I won't tell you to eat nothing but grape leaves for the year and I won't tell you that drastic change always works.   You already know that. This is … Continue reading

Speaking of Detox…

Detoxification & Purification (part 1 or 2) I'm often asked about detoxification.  When should I do it?  How do I do it?  Should I move the TV into the restroom for a few days?    I'll go ahead and answer the third first - keep all appliances out of the restroom.  Ok, moving on... … Continue reading

Purification: The final hours

It's over in 3 hours.  The purification is finished.  There has been an overwhelming response for more information and I am willing to oblige.  One very important aspect to remember:  This is a purification, not a 'cleanse'.  The typical view of a cleanse is something that makes you spend … Continue reading