Stop putting Butter in your Folgers!

Facebook posts.  Every time.  It's interesting when something gets positive press how people try to get results without the research.  Yes, certain types of butter in certain types of coffee with a specific type of healthy oil has great potential benefits!  Yes, the 'butter coffee' … Continue reading

Chiropractic and immunizations?

There is a lot in the news lately regarding immunizations and the highly negative stance of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association).  I would like to be very clear right now:  I (Dr. Patten) have no opinion.  It is not in my scope to have an opinion.  I am not an … Continue reading

Happy Friday!

  I found this on a facebook page - 'Everybody with a spine needs health'!  Happy Friday - Dr. Patten and the chiropractic friends. For some examples on how to take care of your spine, visit Basement flood … Continue reading